Neal Analytics has a proven strategy to help Migrate SQL Server Enterprise Databases to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Our Managed Services Team drives a Trusted Advisor approach to ensuring success in bringing your SQL Enterprise Database to Microsoft Azure. We employ a prescriptive framework starting with:

Assessment and Planning

Neal Analytics Subject Matter Experts work with the customer to determine the architecture and design best suited for your SQL Services on Microsoft Azure. This includes detailed architecture and migration planning utilizing our best practices to ensure success.

Implementation and Migration

Utilizing our Implementation and Migration service coupled with our prescriptive Assessment and Planning phase, helps our customers make a rock solid and smooth migration to Microsoft Azure. We take care of all aspects of the SQL Database Migration. We map the security and network topology, we create a migration strategy for underlying Applications, we model the data and storage architecture to ensure an optimal and efficient environment. As part of our migration phase, we also provide backup, High Availability and Disaster Recovery to ensure our customers SQL databases are protected throughout the migration project.

Support and Professional Services

During the Migration and post the project completion, our customers can leverage our Enterprise class support team and gain access to world renowned Professional Services experts. We will support our customers 24x7x365 and ensure strong SLA/SLO management. We can help with new projects, changes in requirements, and to help support additional Microsoft Azure implementation needs.

SQL Services Migration

There are two approaches to SQL Server Migrations, phased migration with downtime in the loop and transactional replication where no downtime occurs through-out the migration project. We can work with customers to determine the best approach for your SQL Server migration, and optimize performance from the beginning and after the migration completes.

Neal Analytics supports a broad range of Applications and Infrastructure Platforms, and we bring platform expertise to our customers to ensure cost efficiency, while at the same time minimizing downtime and migration hurdles.

Neal Analytics leading-edge capabilities in automation, orchestration and business intelligence brings customers a unique lift and shift solution to the Enterprise.

To learn more about our Infrastructure Lift and Shift Solution – please contact Sales@NealAnalytics.com and review our Infrastructure Lift and Shift Solution whitepaper to go into more depth on our solution.

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