What is SKU Max?

SKU Max is a click to deploy solution that utilizes your own ERP data to maximize your sales. SKU Max helps your company identify underperforming or high preforming SKUs sorting sales at a granular level that can identify regional differences and vendor characteristics that can effect sales. It uses this information to more accurately predict the optimal SKU assortment on a store by store level. SKU Max is also capable of identifying what type of products sell best given variables such as region, season, etc. allowing you to identify optimal replacement SKUs for in demand products. SKUMax is built using Azure and SQL technology, in partnership with Microsoft.



  • Identify bottom performing SKUs across your sales channels.
  • Replace underperforming SKUs with high performers in need of wider distribution.
  • Manage and improve SKU mix at a more detailed level than is possible with ad hoc analysis.


“We can use Azure ML to generate answers for each individual area and get combined answers for the entire company.”

Lizeth Refugio Salas
Revenue Growth Management Chief, Arca Continental

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