Store Analytics

We want to help you make your store look the way you want and be advertised the way you want. We can analyze store data to optimize your store layouts, product placement, and even advertising plans. Our analysis can also help with site selection for new store locations.

Customer Engagement

We aim to help you give the customers their ideal, personalized experience. Customers can be engaged in-store with mobile apps and beacons to supply product recommendations and relevant promotions to drive customer behavior. For online stores we have a Personalized Product Recommender which can give an increase in website sales by 5%.

Promotion Profitability

Do you know which of your promotions are most profitable? Many advertisements are not linked back to profits, and most campaigns are not accounted for in detail. Neal Analytics can help you discover which activities drive profits and you may see an increase of promotional effectiveness of up to 30%.

Demand Forecasting

Neal Analytics’ SmartStock methodology is a unique approach that identifies and quantifies a variety of internal and external variables and how they influence demand for your products. The resulting “heads up display” provides your business decision-makers with an unprecedented capability to understand how their decisions will affect profits.

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