Neal Analytics does business through many partners currently. We are focused on bringing our management consulting approach to engagements to discover additional revenue and deliver greater effectiveness in our partnerships through analytics. We have packaged offers prepared for ISVs, Solution Integrators, LARs, and Azure Hosts.

I’m an ISV

Are you interested in learning how analytics can help drive additional revenue for you?

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I’m an SI

Are you interested in learning how to use Azure Machine Learning in your business?

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I’m an LAR

Do you have an account base that you’re looking to optimize for Azure Machine Learning?

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I host on Azure

Are you looking to increase rates of Azure usage?

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Benefits for ISV

Solution Add-ons

Could machine learning and predictive analytics help you drive more value to your customers?

We can help you add additional capabilities to your solution to expand your reach and differentiate your product.

Your solution’s market is solid and you realize the opportunity to grow this market is through innovation.

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Custom Services

Neal Analytics will work with you to solve your customer’s unique business problems using machine learning and predictive analytics.

Your customers have unique problems that require custom solutions. Our team of data scientists and developers can help you meet these demands.

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Product Co-development

Neal Analytics’ team and management consulting approach offers huge value when it comes to product development partnerships.

Your unique market position allows you to expand.

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Benefit for SI


Neal Analytics can enable your service delivery teams to provide Azure-based machine learning solutions and services.

Your analytics team can be trained in the newest technologies, and can help you discover additional opportunities within your existing customer base. Contact Neal Analytics to learn more.

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Neal Analytics’ teams of data scientists specializing in Azure ML can operate through your brand, with your clients.

Your delivery team may run into predictive analytics or machine learning problems that are beyond your expertise and capabilities for delivery. Don’t pass up these opportunities!

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Benefit for LAR

Opportunity Identification

Neal Analytics can help you provide additional value to your customers by helping them uncover opportunities to use machine learning and predictive analytics

Your existing customer base can be expanded through new business opportunities uncovered by Neal Analytics.

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Solution Reseller

Neal’s solution offers can help you expand your market footprint by solving new business problems.

The needs of your customer base come first. By bringing Neal Analytics to the table, you can offer your customers new and better solutions to their business problems.

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Benefit for Azure Host

Custom Solutions (Azure cycle usage)

Neal Analytics can bring new Azure-based services and solutions to your customer base.

Your usage of Azure drives your profitability. By using Neal Analytics solutions, you can drive additional revenue.

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“Neal Analytics has been a most valuable partner and the hard work your team is doing is very much appreciated.”
– Joseph Sirosh, CVP, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning.


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