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Data Warehouse

The fundamental backbone of any data-based solution is a centralized data warehouse. Neal Analytics can work with you and create solutions that civilize, harness, and utilize your data most effectively. Having a “single version of the truth” allows you to realize the higher order needs of business intelligence and predictive analytics.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is what makes data meaningful, so that you can make better decisions. Accessible, reliable, and understandable solutions are why our clients rely on us. We drive hard to get the right data to the right person to make the right decision, and our visualization specialists bring the graphical expertise to tell a comprehensive story with your data. Often times, these stories we tell lend themselves to understanding what will happen as a result of certain decisions – predictive analytics. A story can be both true and false, and that’s why working with a trusted partner like Neal Analytics is so important in ensuring that you have confidence in your decisions and their outcomes.

Predictive Analytics

Business intelligence and data warehouses allow Neal Analytics to provide answers to the “what” and “when” of questions. Predictive analytics focuses on the “why”, and the “what’s next”. Our management consulting approach to prediction allows us to specialize in prediction and machine learning. You’d be surprised at what your data can tell you if you just know how to make it talk.

“The team from Neal Analytics was able to grasp our complex and undocumented business processes, developing a level of knowledge and credibility that made our business stakeholders feel confident and comfortable with the recommendations made. In some cases, they even became subject matter experts by combining inputs and procedures that had previously existed only in silos.”

Jon Beck – Director, Application Services, Car Toys

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