Neal Analytics brings major competencies around Azure Machine Learning, BI, Data Warehouse, and Predictive Analytics which can differentiate and bring competitive advantage to your business. 

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Neal Analytics does business through partnerships, and we’re always looking to expand our partnership network. We primarily partner to bring our expertise in Azure Machine Learning, predictive analytics, and business intelligence to companies with established target markets. Let’s talk about how we can help your business, and bring our competencies to you.
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Neal Analytics helps companies get the most out of their data. We utilize the traditional practices of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence to provide a solid foundation to take your data to the next level using Predictive Analytics. Azure Machine Learning allows for this logical jump, with the horsepower to provide analytics on a massive scale. Neal Analytics is featured as an Azure Machine Learning partner at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference this year, and is relied upon as a beacon of expertise in the field.
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Azure Machine Learning

In addition to the featured speaking engagement at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Neal Analytics has pioneered the way with new Azure utilizations around cloud machine learning. We’ve spent over 2000 hours figuring out the tricks and benefits of working with Azure Machine Learning so you don’t have to!
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Neal Analytics has developed some intellectual property through our employees’ competencies in certain areas. These repeatable projects allow us to offer consistent results to customers based on areas of domain expertise and knowledge. Our solutions are flexible and designed to plug-and-play with existing infrastructure. These solutions allow us to add value quickly and easily to our customers. Contact us, and let’s work together!
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