Connected Operations

Machine failure cuts into profits. Neal Analytics uses sensor data to make predictive models to improve maintenance plans, efficiency monitoring, and instrumented operations. This can prevent production failure and increase profits.

Demand Forecasting

Neal Analytics’ SmartStock methodology is a unique approach that identifies and quantifies a variety of internal and external variables and how they influence demand for your products. The resulting “heads up display” provides your business decision-makers with an unprecedented capability to understand how their decisions will affect profits

Sales Opportunity Prioritization

With multiple sales opportunities, it is difficult to identify which will yield the most benefit for your business. Neal Analytics’ Machine Learning algorithms are able to analyze variables involved in sales opportunities and show you the positives and negatives. You can use this information to prioritize opportunities and make informed decisions for your business.

Optimized Bids for Opportunities

Using predictive analytics and the latest data techniques, Neal Analytics can provide bidding recommendations that can reduce discounts and increase win rate by up to 10%.

Capital Project Risk Assessment

Large scale capital projects may be necessary for growth in the manufacturing industry, but they are risky. Neal Analytics can assess capital project risk and help your company to minimize risk and maximize the benefits.

Customer Churn / Loyalty

Effectively managing an established customer-base is the key to building profits in many manufacturing companies. Keeping a database of loyal customers and re-marketing to these customers allows companies to effectively engage their target markets. Implementing customer churn identification and management strategies can increase customer life-cycle by 20% and can add value to your business.

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