Making data meaningful

We want your organization to be able to explore and gain meaningful insights from your data. We specialize in teaching your employees to explore the infrastructure we help you create. Learn how your organization can implement a self-service BI strategy.

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Data is for machines. Information is for you.

Unless your data helps you make better decisions, it’s nothing more than a collection of very expensive numbers. Traditional data reporting techniques cannot even handle the variety and speed at which data is now collected. For example, there are over 9000 tweets and 5000 Facebook statuses produced every second. You are not going to read all of them. That’s too many to even filter with manual queries. You need another way to find meaning in the mess.

The right data to the right person

In order for your business to be competitive today, it needs a culture of data at all levels of the organization. We will help you manage information flow throughout your company so that every person gets the right information.

We use these technologies

  • Excel / PowerPirvot
  • Power View
  • Power BI
  • PerformancePoint
  • SSAS in Excel
  • SSRS
  • HTML5

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Your data, visualized

An opaque wall of numbers suddenly becomes an idea, a complete thought, when graphed out. Data visualizations can make the biggest, most complex information comprehensible and meaningful. We specialize in the visualization of any data you can bring us.

We can help you with

  • Scorecards
  • Dashboards
  • Self-Service BI
  • Custom UI / UX Development
  • Reporting

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Preparing you for self-service BI

We want you to be able to take the wheel when ready. We’ll design a data program for your organization complete with dashboards and interactive reports so every employee can make intelligent, informed decisions.

Do you regularly encounter data questions that you are unprepared to answer?

Is your business stymied by the rapidly changing data needs of your organization?

Does IT not respond quickly enough to your data and business intelligence needs?

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“I have commissioned multiple projects with Neal Analytics over the past few years. I am consistently impressed with the quality of their deliverables, their attention to detail, and ability to take on challenging problems. Their recent work on a high-profile deal is potentially worth many millions to the company through improved deal structuring.”

Aanal Bhatt – Director, Global Alliances, Microsoft

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