Initial Engagements

Through our Gold competency and Partner of the Year awards from Microsoft, we’ve built a rapport working with their deployment teams. In order to help us work with new customers on Azure, Microsoft provides funding to offset the costs of several of our engagements. If you want us to work with you to assess the fit and potential of any of these engagements to add value to your organization, please contact us!

Connected Operations & IoT Workshop

This workshop is particularly useful for customers dealing with large quantities of sensor data, regardless of their step in the process. If they’ve already captured this data, or if they are thinking about capturing this data in an ongoing manner, we believe that this workshop can add value, envision new and unique analytics scenarios, and help achieve the best machine to machine communications possible. 

Build – A – BOT Workshop

This workshop helps customers interested in artificial intelligence and Microsoft’s suite of cognitive services get started with a packaged, easy-to-understand proof of concept. By stitching together all of the key components in real-time, we help our customers build business justifications for and prove the feasibility of long-term ongoing BOT developments for human automation and augmentation. We see bots as an easy way companies can use Microsoft technology to make operations more efficient. 

Business Envisioning (Digital Transformation) Workshop

Understanding projects allows teams to select the right next best action. In our digital transformation or business envisioning workshop, we help customers articulate their analytics needs, distill projects down to their core essence, and walk through a rapid prioritization exercise to build justification and support for analytics projects. We’ve seen organizations that take up to 2 years to make a decision, come to the same informed conclusion after half a day of structured conversation. This workshop adds value to our customers, and helps us scope our engagements in the best possible way. 

Power BI Workshop

Implementing Power BI isn’t easy, and Microsoft trusts us to help customers get their infrastructure set up for enterprise-wide business intelligence. Through our expertise in data structures, analytics, and visualization, we are able to perform in days what it takes many organizations years to build. Using the tools of Azure and Power BI, we conduct this workshop to help our customers get started with the best dashboards in the least possible time.