Neal Analytics has a proven strategy to help Lift and Shift Enterprise customers application and infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Enterprise customers are eager to move to the cloud, releasing them from the fixed cost and asset burdens of today datacenters and the underlying physical infrastructure that makes them up.

Enterprise customers moving to the cloud have a multitude of ways to Lift and Shift infrastructure and applications. Neal Analytics helps customize an approach for customer infrastructure and applications that optimizes the infrastructure and applications for the cloud.

There are two approaches to Lift and Shift, re-architecting the application and underlying infrastructure to be optimized in the cloud, and traditional uplift where you simply clone the environment on premise into the cloud.

Neal Analytics Lift and Shift framework is based on implementing an elegant approach to maximizing your cloud investment, and reducing cloud spend by re-architecting for best in bread cloud implementation. We analyze the premise application and the underlying infrastructure and we build an optimized application and infrastructure solution that is cloud centric by default.

The goal of Lift and Shift is to move the Application and Infrastructure while removing the legacy architectural burdens of the past. We help customers rationalize, visualize, optimize and organize for best in class cloud performance and availability.  

Neal Analytics supports a broad range of Applications and Infrastructure Platforms, and we bring platform expertise to our customers to ensure cost efficiency, while at the same time minimizing downtime and migration hurdles.

Neal Analytics leading-edge capabilities in automation, orchestration and business intelligence brings customers a unique lift and shift solution to the Enterprise.


Enterprise Customers are making the Journey to the cloud. They are comfortable with moving mission critical systems, and are confident the cloud has matured in terms of Regulatory, Compliance and Security.

Enterprise customers are seeking dedicated support from established Cloud leaders to help them Uplift core infrastructure to the cloud to save money, reduce datacenter usage and become more agile with future infrastructure architecture.

Neal Analytics, a leader in Cloud can support Enterprise customers seeking to make the move to the cloud with strong Subject Matter Expertise, and proven delivery methodologies.

Migrating to the Cloud requires strong knowledge and depth on the Cloud Service Provider where your infrastructure lands. Neal Analytics are experts on Microsoft Azure, we understand the complexity that comes along with working in the cloud.

Our Managed Services Team are made up of Microsoft Azure experts with a broad array of Cloud subject matter expertise. We have the Prescriptive Architectural Frameworks and Guidance to ensure success in moving your Enterprise Architecture to the cloud.

Our Solution Delivery starts with utilizing highly automated and orchestrated tools and runbooks to ensure a prescriptive delivery that is foundational and repeatable.

We support a broad range of Infrastructure Platforms and we bring Platform expertise to our customers to ensure a rightsizing migration that maximizes cost efficiency while at the same time minimizes downtime and migration hurdles.

Driving home with our leading-edge capabilities in automation, orchestration and business intelligence – Neal Analytics brings a unique infrastructure uplift solution to the Enterprise.

To learn more about our Infrastructure Lift and Shift Solution – please contact and review our Infrastructure Lift and Shift Solution whitepaper to go into more depth on our solution.

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