Reducing Readmission Rates

Reducing readmission rates has many benefits for hospitals. Neal Analytics can use predictive analytic techniques to identify factors that lead to avoidable readmissions. This information can be used to improve patient care, increase profitability for hospitals, and reduce payouts for insurance companies.

Misdiagnosis and Miscoding Identification

Errors in coding or in diagnosis are expensive for hospitals and insurance companies. Neal Analytics can analyze complex healthcare data so institutions can see how to improve accuracy and organizational operations.

Hospital Stay Length Forecasting & Bed Optimization

The constant traffic of patients through hospital opens an opportunity for improvement. Optimizing patient flow through beds can increase profitability of hospitals significantly.

Wellness Incentives & Optimization

Neal Analytics can use predictive analytic techniques to forecast patient length of stay. This analysis can be used to optimize hospital bed management and increase profitability of hospitals.

Customer Churn Identification and Prevention

Managing a complex patient database is the key to effectiveness in many areas of the healthcare industry, especially for insurance companies. Retaining loyal customers and avoiding switches to other insurance coverages can reduce costs and improve profitability. Implementing customer churn identification and management strategies can increase customer life-cycle by 20% and can add value to insurance businesses.

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