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Does unstructured data lead to timeliness, consistency, or reliability problems in your business?

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Data is the new oil

Data is being collected at an ever increasing pace. In fact, 90% of the data in the world today was created in just the past 2 years. Companies that have embraced a data-driven culture—rating themselves substantially ahead of their peers in their use of data—are three times more likely to rate themselves as substantially ahead of their peers in financial performance, according to findings by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

But accumulating data isn’t a solution.

In fact, it’s a liability in the absence of thoughtful approaches. Terabytes of data in incompatible formats, spread across the Web, the Cloud, and the burgeoning Internet of Things, aren’t automatically useful. Neal Analytics knows where to find the data you need right now, and how to put it to work for you.

Prevent data from replicating and mutating

Everyone has heard of the fabled (cliched) “single version of the truth”. The fact is, though, that even in 2014, different versions of the same data are floating around in spreadsheets, on laptops, across departments, and wherever you can imagine. We will construct a single data source from which your organization can draw.

We use these technologies

  • Microsoft Azure
  • SQL Server
  • SSIS
  • Hadoop / HD Insights
  • Hive
  • SQL Azure
  • Cloud BI
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

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Make twenty data sources become one

There’s no point in having a wealth of varied data if none of it works together, if the sources don’t even sync up with each other. By shaping, aggregating, and preparing your data to function as a single source, our team of experienced data architects will ensure that your data becomes a valuable source of insight.

We can help you with

  • Data warehousing
  • Cloud BI Online
  • Analytical Processing
  • Extract Transact Load operations

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Adapt to new kinds of data

New types of data are being conceived every day. Everyday objects like beer glasses and toilets now have internet connections and can broadcast information about their state. The “quantified self” movement allows people to collect data about themselves to optimize their life. The number and variety of data types is only growing. We will create a strategy for you to cope with the growth and prepare for the future.

Would making quicker decisions help your business?

Is confidence in your data holding you back from fast decision making?

Is your information accurate and consistent?

Can you generate more revenue and reduce costs through the data you’ve gathered?

Would a holistic view of your business benefit your company?

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“I value the one-stop-shop capabilities at Neal Analytics. Their consultants truly understand business needs and deliver BI / reporting solutions that effective and usable.”

Joe D’Elia – Sr. Business Manager, Microsoft

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